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Top 5 Best Model Train Sets


Top 5 Best Model Train Sets

best model train sets

Whether you have an interest in trains or not, there are a number of great model train sets available to purchase. Whether you want a steam train, diesel locomotive or electric train, there are a variety of choices. You can also find kits to build your own model railroad.

Hornby R1236

Whether you’re an experienced collector or just getting started, Hornby R1236 Mixed Traffic DIGITAL Freight Complete Train Set is a great train set to start your collection. This remote controlled battery operated train set comes with everything you need to get started.

The Hornby R1236 Mixed Traffic DIGITAL Train Set comes in OO gauge. The set has two 0-6-0 and one 0-6-0T diesel-electric locomotive. There are also four assorted wagons. The set comes with oval track, track pack A, Midi TrakMat and R3. It also includes a pair of working lights and a number of sounds.

The set can be expanded with additional track packs, building packs and locomotives. It also includes a MidiMat, which can help you build a fully functional layout. It also includes a sprung buffer.

This is a robust train set, suitable for three to six year olds. It has a remote control and working lights. The trains are paired with a controller A and B. It has a maximum of two trains at a time. The controllers are powered by two AAA batteries.

It has a minimum curve: R3. The packaging is colourful and playful. It also includes a number of stickers and working lights. The train set also includes an 8-pin digital decoder.

Kato PlaRail

KATO is a Japanese company that produces quality train models. Their trains are not cheap, but they’re more affordable than their competition. They make a range of models, from small to large. They have the best of both worlds when it comes to technology and craftsmanship. Their trains are made to look like the real thing, with realistic details.

The KATO PlaRail Model Train is an impressive starter set. It features a detailed Union Pacific-styled freight train set. The set includes three cars and a locomotive with working headlights. In addition, it comes with a 30 page reference booklet. It’s not cheap, though, especially in the entry level versions. It’s recommended for children aged 12 and up.

The KATO PlaRail model train has a long list of notable features. For starters, it has a working headlight, and a coupler with a white HID light in the top left corner. The coupler even features a switch to turn off the light. In addition, the locomotive itself has a number of notable functions.

It also has the highest-quality engine of any of Kato’s Union Pacific-inspired steam locomotives. In addition, it boasts smooth operation and a striking two-tone gray appearance.


Whether you’re looking for a present for a kid or a serious toy collector, you can’t go wrong with a Lionel model train set. These sets are made with durable, non-toxic materials, and come with a variety of features. You’ll also find that some Lionel sets come with real smoke, chugging sounds, and track curved to avoid snagging.

Lionel trains have come a long way from their initial beginnings as child’s toys. They’re now more sophisticated, incorporating new technologies such as remote uncoupling and RailSounds RC sound system.

Lionel trains first appeared in the toy market in the late 19th century. The company’s founder, Lionel Cowen, wanted to create realistic models of actual trains. He developed the idea of using standard gauge trains, which are 1-to-48 scale.

Lionel trains began to develop diesel engines in the late 1940s. These engines are modeled after real-life trains. They also use Magne-Traction, which makes the wheels magnetic. This allows the train to run more powerfully.

Lionel trains also made the world’s first electric train. The Electric Express was made into a toy model and distributed to toy stores. This was the beginning of the popular model train industry.

Lionel trains continue to incorporate new technologies and designs into their trains. They’re now available in all scales. Whether you’re looking for a beginner train set, a larger passenger train, or a freight train, you’ll find that Lionel has something to fit your budget and your tastes.


HO scale model train sets come in all shapes and sizes, from the ubiquitous plastic toy to the hi-tech marvels of the past. The lonesome is a rite of passage for the kid in the family. The big ol’ boy owes a hefty price tag, but the reward is worth it. Luckily the family is comprised of one obedient techie and one prankster who has a more than pliable wingman. The best part is, despite the family’s plethora of train related mishaps, the lonesome remains a happy family member. Having a sane oboe in the house means a sane sane obedient snoop in the house means a sane fun oboe in the house.

Nifeliz GWR 2900 Class steam train building kit

Featuring a red and black classic body, the Nifeliz GWR 2900 Class steam train building kit brings Great Western engineering to life. This model train features authentic details inside and out, including a functioning crane and a locomotive.

The model train locomotive features a correct 4-6-0 wheel configuration, with seamless pipework along the side. This makes the locomotive look more like a proper classic steamer.

The locomotive comes with a working headlight and a bell, as well as a remote controller. The set also includes a 33-3/4″ turnout, a power pack, and a speed controller. There are also two passenger carriages and a tender.

The train set is compatible with Nifeliz’s official tracks. It can also be controlled by a remote controller or a mobile device via Bluetooth. It is also compatible with Railsounds Rc sound system.

The train set includes 10″ straight track and a 33-3/4″ turnout. There are also machined metal wheels and factory-installed international style hook-and-loop couplers. The train also features a crane car that is exclusive to the Ready-To-Play set. It features authentic train sounds and a manual rotating headlight.

The train set also features a locomotive that features a domeless parallel boiler and 19 in diameter outside cylinders. It also has a raised Belpaire firebox.


Founded in 1949, Atlas Trains is a manufacturer of N and HO scale model train sets and accessories. Its philosophy is based on research and prototyping. Its goal is to provide the best possible service and products. Atlas offers a wide variety of track and structures, as well as locomotives and cars.

The first Atlas-built locomotive was the U33C/U36C. It was released in 1969. It featured a die-cast cab and a movable cab window. The engine was available in two-rail and three-rail operation. It also came with a RailSounds digital sound system.

Atlas also introduced its own SW8 and SW9 EMD Switcher locomotives. These models came with detailed cab interiors and painted crew figures. They also featured dual flywheel-equipped precision can motors. They were called “state-of-the-art” by O Gauge Railroading magazine.

Atlas also produced ‘O’ scale freight cars, which included a 52′ gondola, an F-unit, a stock car, and a four-wheel bobber caboose. They were rolled on plastic wheels and incorporated rooftop running boards. They were available with illustrated full color lids and were priced at $60 for a complete set. They were also available as ready-to-run models.

In the 1980s, Atlas also produced N scale freight cars. They included 40′ box cars and ore cars. These cars also had opening side doors and roof hatches. They also included a 50-ton Bettendorf truck with operating couplers. They also made a reefer model, which was based on the Pullman 1930 prototype. Its roof was made of wood and had a stout USRA style underframe.