The Best HO Train Sets

best ho train sets

Whether you’re looking for a gift for your kid or simply want to have some fun, a train set is a great option. Not only is a train set a great way to encourage learning and exploration, but it can also be a fun way to build a community.

Thomas & Friends

HO Thomas & Friends train sets come in various sizes and variations. Bachmann produces these models using specially designed toolings. They are compatible with Hornby’s models and are also compatible with Bachmann’s Junior range. These models also appeared in the “High Noon-ish” episode of Psych.

The HO scale model of Thomas is used in some close-up shots. It was used in the “Ticket to Ride” film, and is also featured in the “I Love Toy Trains” DVD. The Bachmann version of the model was made in 2014 with a new chassis block.

In addition to the Thomas & Friends HO scale model, Bachmann has also produced a series of Thomas & Friends add-on cars and accessories. These include Thomas’s Christmas Delivery, Thomas’s Christmas Special, and the Deluxe Thomas & Friends Special set. All these sets come with sound-chipped Thomas and new accessories. The Deluxe Thomas & Friends Special set includes the Clarabel coach with international style hook and loop couplers.

Some of the HO scale models have minor errors. The cab of the HO scale version of Red Rosie is missing rivets, and the cylinder lining of Red Rosie is silver instead of light grey. Also, the cab of the HO scale version of Thomas is missing a rear dummy coupling hook. The cab of the HO scale model of Percy is a little larger than the television series model.

The HO scale model of the Rheneas has a handrail that is separate from the chassis. It has a grey axlebox and grey brake pipes. It is also the first locomotive with a handrail that is separately fitted.

The HO scale model of Salty also has a handrail, but it is only painted on the back. It also has a painted tail lamp. The 2022 reissue of Salty has a more attractive overall colour scheme and a tail lamp that is printed on the back.


Among the best known model railway brands in the UK, Hornby has a vast range of products to choose from. These range from locomotives and rolling stock to accessories and scenery. There are also a few sets that are suitable for beginners. You can start with a train set and then gradually build up to the more complicated and detailed versions.

The first Hornby train sets were produced in the 1920s. The company was formed by Frank Hornby, who was also a founding member of the Meccano company. He died in 1936 and his son Roland became the Managing Director. In 1937, Hornby produced its first solid steel rails, and lithographed tinplate coaches. In 1937, Hornby also produced the first ‘O’ gauge models. These were 4-6-2 LMS Princess Elizabeth models. These locomotives were produced in limited numbers. However, the 4-6-2 was not produced after WWII.

Hornby also produced a large number of model cars and locomotives. These models were sold in the UK, and were available at real-life railway stations. The company also produced models of French prototypes. In addition to the trains, the company also produced models of cars and trucks.

Hornby grew in the first half of the 1950s. In the second half of the 1950s, Hornby struggled with the growth of competitors. The company also faced competition from established U.S. and European manufacturers. The company also faced financial problems. The company’s stocks dropped by half in a single year.

In May 2008, Hornby bought Corgi Classics Limited. Corgi is the oldest manufacturer of collectible die-cast models. The company has been around since the early 1900s. In 2009, Hornby opened a store at Margate in Kent. Its inventory includes Bassett-Lowke models, which were left over from the Corgi acquisition.

Athearn Genesis

Touted as a new age HO scale model railroad manufacturer, Athearn offers high quality, well designed and detailed HO scale model railroad products. The HO scale model railroad is a good scale for model railroad enthusiasts to buy into, as it allows for more realistic track layouts and locomotives. Model railroad enthusiasts can choose from a wide range of model trains, including diesel locomotives, passenger cars, freight cars and more. Model railroaders can buy from Athearn’s Genesis, Ready-to-Roll and other lines. Athearn trains are a notch above the rest thanks to its realistic detailing, high quality components, and impressive sound systems.

Athearn’s train sets come equipped with features such as wind deflectors, real life sound and a cast zinc alloy base. It is no wonder that Athearn trains are some of the most popular model train sets on the market. Athearn has recently been acquired by Horizon Hobby, a major international model train distributor. As part of the deal, Athearn moved from Compton to Carson, Calif. The Athearn name may be new to some of the older Athearn fans, but the company’s legacy is still intact.

Athearn’s model trains come in three main scales: HO, N and O. Athearn has a history of innovation that stretches back to the 1940s. In fact, Athearn has produced one of the earliest model train kits in the world. The company’s flagship brand, Athearn, was founded by Irv Athearn in 1946. The company began producing kits and trains for HO scale modelers and later began producing supplies for O scale modelers. Eventually, the company acquired Globe Models, an O scale manufacturer, and eventually Globe Models itself. In 2004, Horizon Hobby purchased Athearn, putting the company in the position to further its already sizable model train business.


Whether you’re a train fanatic or a beginner, you can find trains from Marklin that fit your needs. Marklin’s trains are known for their accuracy and detail. You can find a variety of locomotives, cars, and accessories that allow you to create a captivating experience that spans generations.

Marklin started as a dollhouse accessory manufacturer before the turn of the last century. They began producing mechanical construction sets in 1914, allowing them to offer a range of trains and accessories.

After acquiring the remaining assets of the Lutz and Ernst Paul Lehmann Patentwerk in the late 1880s, Marklin expanded their product lineup. In 1969, they revived their 1 scale model train line. Later, they also introduced Z and H0 scale models.

Marklin’s digital train control system was introduced in 1984, making them one of the first companies to offer this option. It was jointly developed with Motorola. This system uses encoded commands and receives them from decoders. It was standardized by the National Model Railroad Association in the 1990s.

Marklin’s products are compliant with European safety standards. They must be used according to the manufacturer’s instructions to avoid danger. You should go through the instructions carefully before your child begins to operate the trains. Following the instructions will give you many years of enjoyment.

Marklin offers a wide variety of rolling stock, tracks, and digital control systems. You can find locomotives, cars, and accessories in Gauge 1, Gauge 2, Gauge 3, Gauge 4, and Z scale. They also offer a selection of trolley systems. The company has also produced various independent railways from the Golden Age of American trains.

Marklin is the world’s largest manufacturer of model trains. They have been in business since 1859. Today, they manufacture a wide range of electric trains, accessories, and locomotives.

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